The Aurora Foundation Funds Second Washington Scholars Intern

Aurora announced today that it has awarded its second Aurora Foundation Chair Scholarship to LCDR Mark Cummings USN (Ret.) by partnering with the Admiral James J. Carey Foundation for the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program.  Cummings is currently interning on Capitol Hill for Senator John Ensign (R-NV), and utilizing his years of experience in the Navy to assist the Senator.  Cummings hopes to become a Congressional Staff member, perhaps working for Congressman Billy Long from his home state of Missouri or with the Armed Services or Intelligence Committee.   


Cummings spent 25 years serving in the Navy before retiring as a Cryptologic Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During his years of service, Mark rose to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7) while working in the Submarine Nuclear Power Program.  His duties throughout his years of service varied, spending time on the USS Bonhomme Richard (an amphibious ship) with the Marines, working on various submarines, and serving as a White House Social Aide for President George W. Bush.  An accomplished student, Mark has two Masters Degrees and is working on his PhD in Political Science from American University, concentrating on American Government and American Foreign Policy.  His internship places him exactly where he needs to be in order to pursue a second career, serving as the Deputy to the Military Liaison Assistant.  Like the first Student Veteran Intern sponsored by Aurora, Mark is utilizing the Washington Scholars Military Veteran’s Program, which places veterans in internships on Capitol Hill and other federal positions to help them pursue their second public service career. 

After completing his internship with the Office of Reserve & Material Command, former Aurora Foundation Chair Scholarship Recipient Kevin Powell noted that, “this program has provided me and many others with all the right tools to gain access to a career in national public policy and/or national security. After having experienced this program myself last summer, I cannot believe that anyone would not jump at the chance to get into it.”  Aurora is excited to sponsor LCDR Cummings and his future endeavors with the United States Government. 

About the Aurora Foundation:

The Aurora Foundation, based in the Washington D.C. area, seeks to enable veterans to successfully complete their college education and transition into the workforce. Through various programs and partnerships with academic institutions and industry, the Aurora Foundation assists veterans in their transition from “Boots to Books to Business.”  Funded largely by charitable donations, the Foundation works with institutions like George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Longwood University to support programs designed to assist veteran students who pursue a college degree under the GI Bill.

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