Workforce Development Poll

As concern over college graduation rates grows across the country, so does our need for innovative workforce development initiatives. Government leaders throughout the United States are beginning to face the issue head-on, and are looking for the necessary solutions for making higher education more accessible, affordable, and relevant. This past September in Virginia, Miller/Wenhold Capital Strategies, LLC. hosted the 2010 Small Business Summit where Aurora Chairman and President, Tom DeWitt, joined forces with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bowling and business leaders across the state to address the issue of workforce development. The fear remains that, while the United States hosts some of the best colleges in the world, it is underutilizing its development potential. Small businesses in particular rely on the preparedness of job candidates to successfully compete against larger companies. The challenge that lies ahead is developing innovative strategies and solutions that address not only dropout rates, but the means through which we engage and develop our workforce. As soldiers begin returning to the US from Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a growing need to support these men and women in their transition from military service to the civilian job sector. With a mere estimated10% college graduation rate, our educational system has failed our heroes in providing this unique student population with the support and services they need to graduate. It is for this reason that, more than ever, Aurora is committed to helping student veterans successfully graduate from college and enter the workforce.

Now we want to hear from you! Take our poll and let us know what you think about workforce development in the US:

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