Jim Zumwalt Speaks at the Executive-in-Residence Lecture Series at Longwood University

The Executive-in-Residence lecture series at Longwood University features some of today’s most distinguished and influential business leaders sharing their insights on ethics and leadership values, global economic growth, foreign policy, responsible stewardship, peace through commerce, and what it means to be a citizen leader. Among these leaders is Aurora Board of Directors member, LtCOL (Ret.) Jim Zumwalt.

Inspired by the realization that losing a brother did not mean anything different on the other side of the battlefield, Zumwalt channeled his energy toward understanding the Vietnam War from multiple perspectives. He made more than 50 trips to Vietnam from 1994 – 2004, conducting hundreds of interviews with North Vietnamese, including those who served during the Vietnam war.  These stories, told in Zumwalt’s book Bare Feet Iron Will, showcase the creativity that the Vietnamese implemented on the battlefield. From nightmarish medical conditions, to supply chains along the Ho Chi Min Trail, to the personal stories of the loss of entire family generations, Zumwalt recounted the many ways the culture survived. 

On the evening of Tuesday March 1, 2011, speaking to an audience of students, faculty and administration, including Longwood’s new president, Brigadier General (Ret.) Patrick Finneghan, as well as members of the ROTC program, active duty service men and women, and members of industry, Zumwalt brought various aspects of war to light in way that focused on leadership as the ultimate game changer.  Fielding questions from the audience, he paid tribute to his father, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, as being his mentor and his hero while noting that it was, perhaps, his father’s approachability that made him such an exceptional leader, a common trait that Zumwalt noted in other outstanding leaders of our time.


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