Challenges Faced by Student Veterans - Part Three

In her article "Ten Things You Should Know About Today's Student Veteran," Alison Lighthall references that, "getting through the dizzying, sometimes maddening maze of Veterans Affairs paperwork may be the biggest obstacle that student veterans face in getting a higher education."

As veterans make plans to return to school, the first part of planning involves access to their GI Bill benefits.  Many veterans have access to different versions of the bill; the most recent GI Bill, the Post 9/11 GI Bill, gives veterans returning to school the most coverage, as well as stipends to live while they are in classes.  However, navigating through which bills they have access to, as well as understanding their full benefits is not always easy.

Recognizing the challenge of navigating through the GI Bill System, the University of North Carolina created a proposal for the Aurora Foundation to consider in 2012.  They proposed a website called the Educational Positioning System (or EPS), which allowed veterans who were even remotely interested in returning to school to create a free profile, answer questions about their service, and discover not only the version of the GI Bill for which they qualified, but the benefits associated with each version.  The website not only serves to help veterans, but also allows schools to sign up and create a profile of their course offerings and degrees for veterans to peruse.

After hearing about the assistance this site had the potential to provide for veterans, Aurora funded it's creation and is pleased to offer it as a tool for veterans to use to help best understand their benefits.  For more information on the EPS site, please click here.

Tom DeWittComment