Challenges Faced By Student Veterans - Part Two

While discussing the challenges faced by veterans as they transition from the battlefield to the classroom, we see a lot of differences between traditional college students and veterans returning to school.  One of the main differences is that student veterans are not always solely responsible for just themselves.  They have families - spouses and children - they need to care for while not only making ends meet, but re-inventing their careers through higher education.

Aurora has seen this first-hand.  Almost all the student veterans in 2013 were married, and several had children.  Their school consisted of night classes in order for them to work during the day and be a part of their kids' lives.  Oftentimes, the job they worked during the day was not a job in their future career field, but something that would simply help pay the bills until they could find a more substantial career. 

These added responsibilities outside of school can come together and cause stress that a traditional college student would not be able to understand.  Student veterans drop out of school for many reasons, but one such reason is the added pressure - sometimes there's less time to study, make ends meet, and plan for the future.

What has your experience been when going back to school?  If you have a family, how did you make everything balance? 

Thanks so all for their input, and have a wonderful Veterans Weekend!

Tom DeWittComment