Aurora Grant Helps Launch Veterans in Transition Course


With the help of Aurora funding, Grantham University is launching their “Veterans in Transition” pilot course.  This course is intended to help veterans by training those who offer veterans support.  Support members can come from a variety of areas including: family members; employers; faculty/instructors; academic advisers; enrollment counselors; corporate partners; and career advisers.

Grantham has compiled the most recent research as well as best practices surrounding military members in transition, and will use this information to present to support members in the course. The course includes role-based training segments, which will provide an understanding of the challenges that veterans may face and may need to overcome to be successful in civilian roles. It will also provide specific tasks that can be completed by those who will build the support structure necessary for the veteran to succeed.

While GU employees are not required to complete the course, it will be accessible to all.  The course takes approximately 8-10 hours, and feedback will be elicited from course attendees.  This is the first online faculty training project for which Aurora has provided financial support.

In support of Aurora’s mission to enable student veterans to successfully graduate from college and enter the workforce, Aurora offers grants to institutes of higher education to support their student veteran population. Aurora has given grants for faculty training and awareness of veterans issues, one-stop shop resources for veterans on campus, veteran-only curriculum, peer-to-peer mentorship, and other needs identified by schools. To learn how your school can apply for a grant, please contact Ellen Hembree at

Tom DeWittComment