Jim Zumwalt Delivers Speech on Veterans’ Day


Veterans Day is a time to honor and deeply appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women who have served in the United States’ armed forces.  Aurora is proud to have many Board members and volunteers who have family or friends that have served, as well as have personally served themselves.  One such Board Member, Mr. Jim Zumwalt, has a long-standing family history serving the US, beginning all the way back to the American Revolution and continuing throughout the wars in the Middle East.  On Monday, November 12, Mr. Zumwalt addressed a crowd in Simi Valley, a city of Ventura County, California, speaking not only about his military heritage, but also about the work of Aurora.  He noted that over 17,000 veterans have now been impacted through Aurora’s grants, and hope than many more will follow as veterans continue to return to school once transitioning out of the military.

To read more about Mr. Zumwalt’s Vetearns’ Day Event, click here.

Tom DeWittComment