Aurora Student Veteran Completes Internship at The Harbor Institute

June 13, 2013.  Aurora is pleased to congratulate its third female student veteran, Lynn Trice,  who completed an internship with The Harbor Institute.  After serving in the U.S. Navy, getting her degree in Political Science, and establishing an organization for young women in Savannah, GA, Trice came to DC looking for something more.  She enrolled at Howard University and sought various opportunities to expand her leadership / entrepreneurial skill-set.  She discovered The Harbor Institute, a company in DC which services over 100 institutions of higher education.  Based out of DC and Los Angeles, CA, they are the "premier education consulting  firm to develop, market, and implement  innovative, engaging and relevant educational products and services for  schools, companies and government agencies." 

2013-08 Lynn Trice pic.jpg

Lynn found this internship at the Harbor Institute under the direction of Syreeta Greene, a Consultant at HI.  Her experience at HI spanned from learning entrepreneurial concepts to gain clientele, engaging with potential customers, and editing leadership material and products offered to help advance students enrolled in higher education. 

Lynn's goal is to eventually open her own consulting business in which she is able to empower students to achieve their dreams.  Her work at the Harbor Institute helped her gain hands-on knowledge of how to practically gain momentum as a business-owner.

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