Aurora Announces Completion of its 25th Internship

August 30, 2013.  The Aurora Foundation is pleased to congratulate Mike Hendricks, who completed his internship with the law firm of Reed Smith.  Mike is the 25th student veteran to intern through Aurora's  Boots to Books to Business Program.  He is an Army veteran currently enrolled in William & Mary's Law School, where he will return to continue his second year.

The reception was attended by two partners in the firm: Mr. Matt Sheldon and Mr. Andy Hurst.  Both gentlemen have served as mentors to both student veterans, Hendricks and Scott Phillips, who have interned through Aurora.  "Mike was a tremendous benefit to Reed Smith," noted Mr. Sheldon, Mike's immediate supervisor at the firm.  "He just got involved and went on 'cruise control' the rest of the way.  Everyone enjoyed working with him."   

During the reception, Mike presented some of the lessons he learned while interning, especially noting the skills to transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce.  "It's really not hard to align myself with the environment of a business like Reed Smith.  The values and ethics learned in the military are sought after and appreciated in the civilian world.  It's a matter of accurately translating the military language and job skills to the civilian side so business can understand the relevance that military veterans bring to the workforce."

He also noted how helpful the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" aspect was to his internship.  He focused on the Habit of "Synergize" and how he was able to apply it as an intern at Reed Smith.  He remarked, "both military and civilian forces come together, where the end result is greater than the sum of the parts."  Reggie Williams, a retired Army Command  Sergeant Major, leads Aurora's 7 Habits mentor program.  Hendricks commented that he was able to not only map out a professional path, but also a personal path, each with milestones and checkpoints toward success.  "Reggie's experience and advice is invaluable, especially as someone who's already been down a lot of these roads," said Mike.

From left - Matt Sheldon (Reed Smith), Tom DeWitt (Aurora), and Mike Hendricks

From left - Matt Sheldon (Reed Smith), Tom DeWitt (Aurora), and Mike Hendricks

So what's next for this talented young veteran?  He plans on completing law school, as well as an upcoming externship with the Honorable Raymond A. Jackson of Norfolk, Va. 

The Aurora Foundation is proud to continue its partnership with both Reed Smith and the William & Mary Law School.  Each internship is funded by corporate and private donations.  To learn how you may contribute, or how you may apply for an internship or become a sponsor,  please click here.


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