Aurora Gives Grant to Eastern Washington University

After being in existence for over five years, the Aurora Foundation's grant recipients finally stretch from coast to coast!  In February of 2014, Eastern Washington University became the 16th school to receive an Aurora grant to fund close to 500 student veterans on campus.  The grant provides a faculty-training program called "Got Your Six," and borrows from some aspects of the "Got Your Six" Campaign.  "Got Your Six" works with student veterans to not only focus on the education piece, but jobs, health, leadership, housing, and family. 

The leading non-profit partner who lends their veteran-service provider training to the Got Your Six Program is Operation College Promise, a non-profit in New Jersey who creates conferences and events that train faculty and staff during a three-day conference to "certify" them to work with student veterans.  The Aurora Foundation helped fund one such conference, in which over 80 schools were represented, in Charlotte, NC.  This CVSP, or Certificate for Veteran Service Providers, helps faculty and staff better understand their student veterans and learn best practices to help them stay in school through to graduation.  Aurora is proud to continue to sponsor their efforts as their work permeates through this grant given to Eastern Washington University.

The Director of Veterans Resources at EWU, M. David Millet, noted that this program will take from the "Got Your Six" curriculum, as well as work around their current structure to tailor to the schools' needs.  To find out more about EWU's work with veterans, visit their website here.