Admiral Carey Foundation's Endowment to Aurora


Thomas DeWitt, Chairman of The Aurora Foundation, and Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Chairman of the Admiral James J. Carey Foundation, Inc. [AJJCF] have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an annual endowment to the Aurora Foundation Military Veterans Youth Leadership Programs.  Aurora will use the funding to support these programs in their goal: to provide the nation with a base of military leaders who seek lifetime service to America in both national and international public policy.  

The endowment will further support a broad range of military veteran internship and fellowships maintained through strategic partnerships between Aurora, AJJCF, the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs, and the Admiral McGrail Scholars Program sponsored by THE FLAG & GENERAL OFFICERS' NETWORK. This includes the new joint program for military veterans at the George Washington University Law School. 

 "AJJCF has long been a strong supporter of Aurora,” says Admiral Carey, “The organization has an outstanding track record in developing military veterans to be our ‘best and brightest’ future leaders. We’re happy that we can offer an annual, on-going endowment that will support Aurora programs for years to come.”

 Aurora was established in 2008 in order to help veterans successfully graduate from institutions of higher learning and enter the workforce. Programs and partnerships are all structured under a transition called “Boots to Books to Business.”

 "This is a wonderful endowment commitment by AJJCF and a win-win for everyone,” says DeWitt. “The net result will be a better, more productive future for some of America's military veterans. Aurora and AJJCF have accomplished a great deal together over the past several years, and we look forward to accomplishing much more."

 About The Aurora Foundation.  Aurora is a 501.c.3 that issues grants dedicated to creating a campus environment where veterans can succeed, where they have a higher chance of graduating, and ultimately, entering the workforce.  To date, Aurora supports schools from coast to coast, touching the lives of over 19,000 student veterans.  Additionally, Aurora funds internships across a wide range of industries, such as federal contractors, banking, small business, law, hospitality, national security, and all levels of government.  These positions provide student veterans with the experience and networking opportunities needed to successfully gain employment after graduation. Aurora’s internship program is made possible through its strategic partnership with the Admiral Carey Foundation and several parallel organizations.

 About The Admiral Carey Foundation.  AJJCF is a 501.c.3 education and charitable organization focused on youth leadership training and development with a view to ensuring America has a ready resource of trained future leaders to serve in the fields of national and international public policy.

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