Welcome to 2015 - Going Where The Jobs Are!

It's a New Year, and we've seen the lives of countless veterans change for the better since 2008.  But we're not satisfied with business as usual - we are looking ahead this year to further the horizons of veterans all across the country!

Being a part of the Aurora Foundation is not simply about giving grants to schools and interns, but about meeting needs and building relationships.  We've met needs in many different industries so far, and built strong relationships with both schools and companies. These veteran-friendly organizations go out of their way to train and connect vets with jobs and other contacts upon graduation.  We've worked individually with interns who desire to hone a specific skill set, and have not only seen them through a successful internship, but walked with them through finding full-time work and other significant milestones! It's a privilege to meet their needs, and be a small part of veterans' journeys. 

This year, we've noticed a different need in our workforce, and therefore want to expand our reach.  We've given grants to four-year colleges and universities, as well as two community colleges, and now in 2015, we're looking to the trades. 

Often trades jobs are both high-paying and readily available, yet have the fewest qualified applicants.  If Aurora can fund the school grants, apprenticeships, and internships that qualify veterans to fill these jobs, we want to do it!

Upon completion of military service, many men and women may not necessarily feel the pull to obtain a degree, but desire to put their military skills to work in the trades - this includes mechanics, manufacturing, welding, electricians - even certain technology jobs only require certifications.  There is a need among companies to fill these types of positions, so here we are.  We want to build relationships with the colleges already involved in workforce development throughout their communities!  We want a hand in helping veterans get the skills and work experience they need to start the jobs of tradesmen and tradeswomen - the jobs that have been and always will be the invaluable backbone of the American economy. 

This by no means is a post stating that we are backing away from the types of internships we've funded in the past - on the contrary.  If you search our "Internship" Page, you'll find open positions for business interns, law interns, engineering interns, even interns with a background in international relations.  But we want to start branching into new territory.  We want to be where the open jobs are, and do our part to help veterans qualify for those open jobs. 

So trade schools?  Please consider applying for a grant for your veteran students.  Industry?  Please explore how we can help you pay a veteran his/her wages while he/she interns or apprentices with you.  We look forward to partnering with new friends as we continue to invest in the lives of veterans - let's talk!