The mission of the Aurora Foundation is to enable veterans to successfully graduate from college and enter the workforce. In support of our mission, we provide grants to universities and colleges for veteran-friendly programs that seek to enrich the lives of veterans as they re-integrate into society. These programs ensure academic welfare, educational experience, and career placement opportunities. We also partner with non-profit organizations such as Operation College Promise and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program to indirectly support student veterans on campus.

Green Zone training

Co-funded by the Aurora Foundation and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, "Green Zone" training started in 2010 at Virginia Commonwealth University and is now offered at more than 100 universities and organizations nationwide. Hailed as an effective way to train faculty and staff on issues facing military students, the goal of the Green Zone program is to “develop a very visible network of faculty and staff in all schools/colleges and administrative units to whom these students could go to receive assistance.”


In 2013, we hosted a Green Zone webinar attended by nine schools and one corporate organization across 7 states. Representatives from CACI, Virginia Commonwealth University, Tidewater Community College, and Mississippi State University discussed with the group how they implemented faculty training within their organization. The Executive Summary of the Webinar can be found here.

Veteran-only classes & orientations

Adjusting to college life can be challenging for many veterans. By providing extra funding and guidance from The Aurora Foundation, schools can provide targeted assistance to veterans. For example, the UNIV 300 course offered at George Mason University: The Veterans Research Group’s SERV (Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran) program is proud to work with The Aurora Foundation to help create the “Next Great Generation of Americans” based on Dr. John Schupp's concepts. They offer veteran-only classes to help students acclimate to a college climate.

The Summer Institute Program offered at Cape Fear Community College begins the summer before fall semester and gives arriving military students a chance to get to the know school and faculty before the other students.  Students can also receive additional tutoring from professors who provide academic assistance and mentoring.

Web-based tools that assist with raising awareness

At the University of North Carolina, the NC Military Educational Positioning System (EPS) is a series of interactive online modules that allow active-duty service members, veterans, reservists and National Guard and their family members to:

  • Choose the most appropriate higher education opportunity;

  • Navigate admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and the credit transfer process;

  • Understand the available military educational benefit options;

  • Transition from military culture to campus life with ease;

  • Access support services and resources both on-campus and in their community;

  • Locate internship and job placement resources.

Success you can see

With your support, grants from The Aurora Foundation have benefitted over 20,000 (need updated #) veterans at colleges and universities across the United States.  

To give you an idea, here is a map of many schools who have benefitted from our grants:


Universities and colleges that are seeking financial assistance in creating or maintaining veteran-friendly programs and campuses are eligible to apply for a grant.